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Nov 242013

There is a massive difference between supporting your football team and having a blind faith in the manager, never questioning his decisions or tactics and believing all will come right in the end no matter what setbacks we suffer.

These were some of the comments I received when I first started to doubt his abilities :

Your kind arent welcome at White Hart Lane, AVB was right to point out the expectation of entertaiment rather than supportng of the team. You and the rest of the “I pay my money and can say what I want brigade” can always support the shower down the road. Best points ever last season and the best start this season, 3 points off the top. You idiot.

It takes time to bed in new players. AVB is quite rightly playing a solid, powerful, hard to beat team and In 14 games this season, we have 11 clean sheets. Considering the amount of new players we have brought through, that is an incredible stat.

AVB, Levy & Baldini are doing a tip top job… the goals will come in time but for now lets appreciate how well we are grinding out the results

team are gelling….wish these idiots would fuck of back to their worm holes with their negative shit AVB is right
And as for you Borodin- if we do end up with a trophy this year it won’t be with any help from you .

Totally unreal article. Don’t press the panic button and start pointing the figure until there is actually a problem.

Dog shit article. AVB = 4th in the league. Which we are. Not anything else.

IF we are 12th in January you can come back then and tell us all you told us so.

We have a squad that should be challenging for top spot and I shall support the eleven players on the pitch with my last breath but if I want to have grave doubts about the guy who is picking those eleven players and his management abilities then I have every right to do so.

This is my Last Post until AVB has gone or we are back in the top four again… which case I shall print a huge apology to the guy and all the ones who printed comments like those above.

I resent deeply being told I am NOT a true supporter just because I won’t blindly follow the AVB plan. I care passionately about the team and what happens to it…that’s why I am opposed to the guy in charge of them at the moment.

Reply to this post as negatively as you like but something needs to be done soon before we find ourselves even lower than 9th




Nov 232013

Andre Villas-Boas has sensationally declared Tottenham out of this season’s Premier League title race after just three months of the campaign.

Spurs currently sit seventh in the table, but remain just five points adrift of pacesetters Arsenal.

But in a bold move which will either take the pressure off his players or anger the White Hart Lane faithful, Villas-Boas insists Spurs are not in the running for top spot.

‘The title is not for Tottenham, so we’re pretty comfortable,’ said the Portuguese.

‘We’ve have a minimum objective of Champions League qualification and we are one point from fourth place.

‘There are teams that are more experienced than us coming back strongly; Manchester City and Manchester United.


“Pretty Comfortable” ????????????????

Absolutely incensed at this guy’s attitude and man management abilities….God knows what Levy will make of this latest outburst. There is a difference between thinking something and saying it out loud….it’s called discretion.


Memory lane…

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Nov 112013

I saw this picture on the internet and my heart went out to the young fan. It took me back many (ok many many) years to my youth. This lad probably knows nothing about “inverted wingers” , “packed midfield” and “lone strikers”. All he knows is that his team have lost and for a few hours he will be inconsolable. His whole world has been ruined…..but come the City match he’ll be shouting at the top of his voice and when we play Utd I sincerely hope after the game that someone has been able to take a picture of him with a beaming smile.   COYS !!!!!


Nov 102013

Just home,

Wanted to post this before all the headlines kick in. I know we will read all about the fantastic heroics of a guy called Krul and how he single handedly saved Newcastle time and time again from wave upon wave of Spurs attacks. I have no doubt AVB will also capitalise on  this ‘superhuman’ story as an excuse for why we didn’t earn one single point from today’s match.

As a supporter I will always retain a right to be critical of my team and will not just robotically accept and not question the decisions of the manager. I am also under no doubt that because of my lack of confidence in AVB I shall receive the ‘Thumbs Down’ on this posting.

I could write reams on his lack of daring, willingness to experiment or accept that perhaps the single striker and inverted winger system doesn’t work. He will stick doggedly to his beliefs but as our ‘statistics’  (which seem to excite a section of our supporters regarding goals conceded and clean sheets) gradually wither and we head towards the New Year with Defoe rightly looking to leave to keep his England hopes alive, Lamela wondering when 90 minutes of Premiership football will come his way, Soldado becoming more and more lacking in confidence. Adebayore collecting his weekly wage and inwardly sniggering I can only come to the one conclusion. The club invested wisely in a post Bale squad that is perfectly capable of earning a top four spot this season and then consolidating that into a potentially Premier League winning side. The players are there but I’m afraid the right manager isn’t.

Okay….I’ll take all the stones you have to throw but that’s what I believe. Only one thing will prove me wrong….end of the season table. I’ll sing and I’ll shout, I’ll support and I’ll applaud…..just don’t ask me to ever believe AVB is the guy who will give me another night at the San Siro when we beat AC Milan 1-0 in the Champions League. Those are the memories that keep you warm on a cold winter’s night and those are the matches to tell your children about when you give them their first Spurs scarf.



Nov 042013

In 1960/61 we did the league / cup double but there was something also very special that season. We did it using only a total of 17 players (so much for squad rotation in those great days).

We also won our first 11 matches (drew the 12th with Man City). That record of 11 consecutive wins still stands amongst the top five European Leagues which is an incredible statistic but one that is also under threat.

Roma have won their first ten matches and will equal the Spurs record on Sunday if they beat Torino then they will surpass it if they beat Sassuolo the next week (and they are currently next to bottom).

I know that comparing the two is wrong and that records are there to be beaten. I also know that to win 10 consecutive matches in this modern era is a wonderful achievement. If they do manage 12 consecutive wins then I will have nothing but admiration for them. I will still however have this little voice inside me cheering on a football team I know absolutely nothing about and hoping somehow they manage at least a draw against the Roma side.

Come on Torino !!!


They drew 1-1….with both Torino and Sassuolo………Spurs still hold European record with 11 consecutive wins    COYS !!!

Good Point?

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Nov 032013

Tricky place to go and get a result, we hadn’t won at Goodison since 2007 and if you’d have asked me before the match I’d have taken a point.

Last season we lost 2-1 in the final seconds but this time we looked good, especially in the first half. Spurs dominated the first half but failure to make it count always leads to problems. I knew that we wouldn’t dominate a team like Everton in the second half as well as the first and at some point they would have a 20 minute period of control.

Everton had most of the second half but as the game approached injury time Spurs started to liven up again. It was always going to be a tight match and a match with few chances. Another clean sheet for Spurs and a decent point if you ask me.

Let’s remember that Everton are a very good home side and are not far behind us in terms of size and quality, Chelsea lost already at Goodison this season.

Great to see Hugo play on after getting knocked out cold, Gomes would have spent a month in hospital with his gum shield had that been him. For me it’s a good point, would have liked a win but I will take tricky away points all day long as long as the home form picks up.


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Hammers again !

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Oct 312013

Made it !…..what an atmosphere…brilliant. There was no way anyone could have criticised the support last night. Everyone still cautious and worried no doubt…but no silence this time and after a couple of dangerous moments we survived. Great to get this penalty taboo out of the way also and what does fate give us…? ….West Ham at WHL…..a chance to revenge our last defeat.

I did think Mr Walker was a little fortunate not to get at least a yellow, just been watching it again but take nothing away from the lads they kept plugging away against a stubborn and obstinate Hull and eventually had their just rewards.

I have to say that my heart goes out to Lamela. The lad is obviously struggling to integrate not only into the side but also the lifestyle/ culture/language etc and if I wanted anyone to score their penalty last night it was him. I just hope the lads are able to lift him and not let it affect the boy too much. I’m sure that if he in particular to all the rest, is given sufficient time and encouragement then he’ll prove the critics wrong. £30million on the head of a 21yr old is a massive weight.

Eight changes to the starting side from Sunday (and all substitutions used) so your views on that please and one last thing. I can only presume from the selected team that Adebayor has played his last game for Spurs. He travelled for Europa League, strongly rumoured to play and nothing. Once again yesterday morning it was strongly rumoured he’d start and never even picked. Let’s hope January sees this sorry (and costly) matter ended once and for all.

So Everton away, another tough match but a couple of our title contenders haven’t got it easy either…Liverpool wont give much away to ‘them’ and maybe Fulham can come alive against Utd….



Oct 302013

Scraped a lucky 1-0 home win on Sunday and we will be hoping for a much better performance tonight as we take on Hull in the Capital One Cup.

A few players back or close to coming back to fitness, Kaboul, Capoue and Rose. Erik Lamela will be hoping to finally impress and start stamping his authority on English football, it’s games like this where he has to show AVB he is ready for the Premier League.

Starting XI


Friedel; Walker, Kaboul, Vertonghten, Naughton; Paulinho, Lamela, Dembele; Sigurdsson, Eriksen; Defoe



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